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Harmtulness Comparison Test

In the market, there are detergents labeled as "Natural Ingredients Mixed" or "Natural Vegetative Ingredients Mixed". These indications are difficult-to-understand to consumers. Almost of them are synthetic detergents. The following is the comparison of our products with competitive products in harmfulness. Even though you mistakenly spill our product into a goldfish bowl where a goldfish is swimming, the goldfish will not be hurt. But in the case of synthetic detergent, the goldfish will die soon after the spillage.

[Test1] - -Comparison in Harmfulness of Detergents for Dishwasher & Drier between Competitive Products and Ours - -
The test was made by putting a goldfish in the bowls of wasted liquids
of dishwasher (600g), after those liquids are cooled down.
100% Natural Detergent - IQ center 100% Natural Detergent - IQ center 100% Natural Detergent - IQ center
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The goldfish lived for more than two months after the test without air pump. The goldfish died in 10 min. after the test. The goldfish died in 6 min. after the test.
Almost of detergents labeled as "100% Vegetative Ingredients Mixed", "Coconuts Oil Mixed" "Eco-Friendly", "Non-Polluting", "Additive-free Synthetic Detergent" and "Natural Ingredients Mixed Compound Detergent" have a strong poison which can kill a goldfish. Detergents which are labeled just as "safe for human" will not protect the environment for future children.
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