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poisonous Residue of Synthitic Detergent Stays in Dishes
Non-decomposable chemical residue cause
adverse effects to human beings and other lives.
Do you know that almost all of detergents you normally use for washing dishes, glasses, rice bowls etc., are actually synthetic detergents? Some of them are labeled as "Natural Ingredients Mixed" or others as "Coconuts Oil Mixed". But they are actually classified into synthetic detergents. The list of ingredients on the bottom of such detergent's container shows this. In most cases, the list reads " synthetic detergent for such and such". Even though such detergents are labeled as "natural materials used", most of them are made of compound detergents (only 30 % of them are made of pure washing agent)

It is fact that poisonous ingredients contained in these detergents are absorbed into human body through the skin. It is also fact that the residue of these ingredients stays on dishes and goes into human body with food and water every time we have meals.
These poisonous ingredients are let into the surroundings through drainage, and they stay longer in the rivers and wasters, still undecomposed and polluting such environments. Such ingredients also cause the creation of the endocrine-disrupting chemicals or the red tide and cause the corrosion of the sewage pipes. It is not only detergents for kitchen but also shampoo, detergents for window panes, bathrooms, washrooms, car-washing.
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