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IQ center is a venture company which offers environment-friendly systems and services. We would like to develop a great project to change all of the synthetic materials existing in the world into natural and eco-friendly materials.

"For Living Environment without water pollution and soil pollution."

The theme of our business is "to protect the environment of the earth and the ecosystem ." We would like to ensure that children and elder people are able to have a much safer life in this 21st century. For that purpose, we successfully developed very innovative washing agents. They contain no artificial bad chemicals which are poisonous and pollute rivers, waters, sea, lakes and forests.

Company Profile

Managing Director Mr. Kazuyuki Takeshima
1) Establishment
2) R&D venture
1) August 1986,
2) 1998
Capital 23million yen
Products Line R&D Manufacture and sales of biodegradable
natural washing soap and natural disinfectant soap
Patent & Licenses US Patent No:US6828288B2
JAPAN 特願2001-541164
Address 6-839-2,Kuminoki,Osakasayama, Osaka,JAPAN
TEL +81-72360-0101
FAX +81-72360-0077
Message from the CEO

When I nursed my parents for a long time, I was feeling something unsatisfactory all the time, It was about existing detergents I used all the time. I found out that those existing detergents did not completely remove the dirt and the smell of their clothes, underwear. Since then, I became interested in development of an idea washing agent which could work better than the existing detergents. After about 7 years' effort, I finally invented a new and innovated products,”Sommelier Glass .”
This is washing agent combined with natural ingredients. I am very much proud of the product.

Now, I am very pleased to receive a good reputation about the product from users in JAPAN. They say”It helped cure the chaps in my hands.”,“Dirt comes off very well with the natural washing agents.”,”It helps protect the health of our family” and so on.

We would like to commit ourselves to make and offer better natural products and more environmentally friendly products to you. Thanks for your support.

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